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Bob's Burgers — Loren Bouchard & H. Jon Benjamin (#6)

I had a chance to get "all about Bob" in a phone call with Bob's Burgers creator LOREN BOUCHARD. Then I had the secret thrill of a 30-minute sit-down chat in New York City with the voice of Bob himself, H. JON BENJAMIN. All for this little magazine piece I did for Emmy magazine. Not a bad gig for a guy named Bob.


All About Andy (Part 1) — Annie Moore (#5)

Annie Moore was married to Andy Colameco for 21 years, before he died of leukemia in 2003. Prior to meeting Annie at a birthday party, Andy — who'd been diagnosed with a learning disability as a kid in Philadelphia — turned down a chance to get his Ph.D. in Physics at Harvard. Instead, he chose to teach science and coach girl's basketball at a high school in Vermont. During their first year of marriage, Andy woke up before school each morning to write his first novel, Einstein Doesn't Throw Dice — which would eventually land in The Brautigan Library for unpublished books in Burlington, VT. Nearly 14 years after his death, Bobtimystic Books published Einstein Doesn't Throw Dice, releasing the book on March 14 — Albert Einstein's birthday. In my chat with Andy's widow, Annie fills in some of the details about her late, great husband and the autobiographical novel that unearths his genius.

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Chuck Barris Is Dead — Our Gong Show Appearance (#4)

Chuck Barris died last week. So I decided to talk to some of the people who were around when we appeared on Chuck's famous production, The Gong Show, in 1977 during my sophomore year in high school, when Chuck accused us of being "possibly the worst act we've ever had on the show."

Our appearance has yet to show up on YouTube. But you can click here to see the Monday show (we were on Thursday's episode), in which Chuck tells the audience to tune in Thursday to see quite possibly the worst act ever on the show. My ego hasn't recovered since.

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