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New Family, New Surfer — Ryan Bailey (#3)

A few months ago my stepdad Al told me about his cousin's son up in Rochester. Said the guy had a surf band and I should meet him. Why not? I love music. I love surfing. Plus, he's family. Even though I didn't know the guy existed 6 months ago. Now I'm a HUGE fan of his band, the Huckleberry Fins—even though they disbanded after releasing their first album. When I met up with RYAN BAILEY he was trying to learn how to surf in Rockaway Beach, sleeping every night in his white cargo van with the "LIBRARY" painted across the side. 


Aliens, Shamans & the DEN — Larry Zeno (#2)

LARRY ZENO worked on Singled Out, hosted the Disney game show Off the Wall and starred in 2 shows from "the DEN," a highly-funded early internet portal that eventually went off the rails. Then he disappeared from be a drum tech/roadie before cleaning aquariums for 13 years. And now he's back, ready to unleash his unique talents on the entertainment and enlightenment world again. Larry's got a fascinating story and a unique perspective on the human condition.

The Who Behind The Who — Frank Simes (#1)

I strolled through Manhattan and sat on the grass in Central Park for a chat with FRANK SIMES, The Who's musical director and musician par excellence who I'd consulted with on a couple music documentaries I was hired to work on a few years ago. In addition to collaborating with The Who, Frank has toured with the likes of Mick Jagger, Roger Daltrey and Don Henley. And I saw him shred "Heartbreaker" at a bar in Long Beach, CA when he was playing one night with his Led Zeppelin cover band. The man is smart, talented and has been around the block a time or two.


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