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83. ralph schneider

Coney Island, NY. Is that you, Jerry? July 2015

Coney Island, NY. Is that you, Jerry? July 2015

I had just arrived at MCU Park—which had been renamed "Kramerica Industries Ballpark" for the day's festivities—when I spotted this guy walking down the aisle. I had to ask him. "Are're here for the Seinfeld Lookalike Contest, right?" It was, after all, the 2nd Annual "Seinfeld Day" here at the Brooklyn Cyclones home field. And this guy wins it, hands down, right? "There's no Jerry Lookalike Contest," he's sad to report. He will, however, be trying to improve on his runner-up finish in last year's Elaine Dance Contest. This year he's chucking the Jerry garb and throwing on a wig-and-dress. No offense, Ralph, but it wasn't pretty. The wig falling off did you no favors. But what the hell, a good time was had by all. Ralph's been a Cyclones season ticket holder for 8 years, so he's not in it for some once-a-year gimmick. But he's also pretty damn happy his favorite baseball team decided to honor his favorite sitcom every July. Which means that once-a-year, Ralph Schneider gets to walk around MCU Park like he's the shit.