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81. parker taylor

Yucaipa, CA.   Happy days. April 2003

Yucaipa, CA. Happy days. April 2003

I've said it before. One of the few downsides to living in Brooklyn is the fact that it's 3,000 miles from most of my family. This little guy—among the sweetest and friendliest of all my 16 nephews and nieces—isn't so little anymore. A few weeks ago I missed his high school graduation. And 4+ years in Texas meant I missed his entire high school soccer career. I would've loved to have seen him play. The kid's been athletic as long as I can remember. Smart, too. And one of the most present kids I've ever met. My experiences with him have been all too limited. But I've spent enough time with Parker to know that he's always been inquisitive, able to lock into a conversation and ask questions like he's genuinely interested in the answer. This is a gift not all young people have. (Not all adults have.) I was really pulling for Parker to attend UCLA, my alma mater. I'm pretty sure his GPA was at least a 4.0 and I'm sure he had plenty of extracurricular activities. Over 35 years ago I got in with a 3.1 and tuition for one year was just over $500. (No, there's not a "0" missing from the end of that number.) The good news is, Parker got accepted in UCSB. Which means he'll be spending his college the frickin' beach! I've had my share of moments in and around Isla Vista and Santa Barbara myself, so I know how much fun he's gonna have. I couldn't be more proud. And it couldn't happen to a better kid. Enjoy yourself, Parker!