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Do I know you? One man's attempt at a lifelong head count. 

NOTE: If you think I might have a photo of you—most likely at least one great photo of you—don't be afraid to ask me to post it ( along with a brief entry about how I know you. And if I've met or known you but don't have any photo evidence, feel free to send along YOUR favorite photo of you. (I'm fascinated by what that slideshow might look like.)


56. bob wallace

Austin, TX.   Daddy Otis @ The HOG. 2014

Austin, TX. Daddy Otis @ The HOG. 2014

I stopped by the HOG today to see if the foot traffic had picked up since my cover story in the Austin Chronicle was published yesterday. And who do I run into but Daddy Otis himself, whose "to paint or not to paint" dilemma supplied the lede to my story. His wife had instructed him to "go do what brings you joy" and that's how we ended up crossing paths on that Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago here at the HOG. Daddy Otis told me today that his story in the Chronicle had really scored him some points at home with the wife. In fact, a babysitter had been secured and Daddy Otis was on his way home to begin date night with Mommy Otis. Plus, a friend of a friend read about Daddy Otis and wants him to animate a children's book. How cool is that? If artists and other creative people can get some paid work as a result of the things I write, I will be a very happy man. From one Bob to another—congratulations, good sir.