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Do I know you? One man's attempt at a lifelong head count. 

NOTE: If you think I might have a photo of you—most likely at least one great photo of you—don't be afraid to ask me to post it ( along with a brief entry about how I know you. And if I've met or known you but don't have any photo evidence, feel free to send along YOUR favorite photo of you. (I'm fascinated by what that slideshow might look like.)


46. sioux-z jessup

Santa Monica, CA.   The world is AMAZING! 2002 

Santa Monica, CA. The world is AMAZING! 2002 

The coolest thing about my friend and fellow UCLA grad, Sioux-z, isn't that she's been a traffic reporter on TV and radio for years or that she's bantered with some of L.A. greatest DJs thanks partly to her raspy made-for-radio voice or even that she once shared a joint with Jack Nicholson in a janitor's closet during halftime at a Lakers game during the Fabulous Forum era. And, sure, she's pretty awesome for inviting me to crash on her couch during my 30 Days of Couchsurfing experiment back in late '09. (Which you can read about in my new book.) But I think the coolest thing about Sioux-z is her adventurous spirit and her eagerness to explore the world. Many, if not most, of her trips all over the globe have been taken alone. (Machu Pichu much?) Which flies in the face of conventional wisdom that says women shouldn't be traveling alone. "Bullshit!" I can just hear Sioux-z scowling before retreating to a Dalai Lama-inspired lotus move into peace, tranquility and Oneness. Ommmm . . . .