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Do I know you? One man's attempt at a lifelong head count. 

NOTE: If you think I might have a photo of you—most likely at least one great photo of you—don't be afraid to ask me to post it ( along with a brief entry about how I know you. And if I've met or known you but don't have any photo evidence, feel free to send along YOUR favorite photo of you. (I'm fascinated by what that slideshow might look like.)


35. mark fenton

Careyas, Mexico. Modesto in Meh-hee-co. 2002

Careyas, Mexico. Modesto in Meh-hee-co. 2002

This guy was an SAE pledge during my senior year at UCLA. A fellow English major from the sticks of Modesto, CA. Very funny guy, girls loved him. He was able to skillfully combine earnestness, affability and being a wiseass—much like a lot of his brethren from central California. Cut to 20+ years later, I haven't seen the guy since I graduated and he shows up in Mexico at Congdon's 40th birthday celebration. Apparently he's back in Modesto, owns a furniture business (I think) and still pretty much looks exactly like he did in college. Good job, Mark Fenton!